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Chris is the Chief Fire Officer of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. He is also the Programme Executive for StayWise.

Chris’ core role is the leadership of the fire and rescue service across 29 stations encompassing over 900 staff. As the service is part of the County Council Chris also has a leadership role in Trading Standards, Emergency Planning and the County Community Safety Unit.

Regional work includes chairing the Health and Safety committee and the strategic lead role for Counter-Terrorism. Nationally Chris is an active member of the Children and Young People Executive Board, he sits on the national Health and Safety committee and is a key part of the NFCC International committee.

Chris has contributed to work across government departments, leading the design of the Professional Standards Board for the fire and rescue service in England, working alongside Government and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate.  He has also been an advisor to the Department for Education developing diplomas for young people, as well as policies and assessment frameworks across a number of age groups; ultimately becoming a member of the National Employers Champions Network on behalf of National Fire Chiefs Council.

Chris’ work was also recognised when he designed and developed new pathways for young people to move from ‘Not in Education Employment or Training’ (NEET), via short intervention programmes with fire and rescue services, through to being enrolled onto employability skills courses and ultimately into apprenticeships. This saw Chris being invited to become an Employability Tsar with a South London College network.

In his early career he worked with educationalist to create the original version of StayWise and is proud to be leading its redesign to make sure it continues to help save lives and prevent fires and other accidents from occurring, equipping communities with the knowledge to be able to do the right thing when things go wrong.

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