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Dr. Judy Jeevarajan is a research director at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. She has worked in the field of batteries for more than 24 years, with a primary focus on the lithium-ion chemistry. Before joining Underwriters Laboratories, she worked for NASA at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston for 12 years. At NASA, she was the group lead for Battery Safety and Advanced Technology at NASA-JSC. Before becoming a civil servant at NASA in 2003, she worked on-site at NASA-JSC for Lockheed Martin Space Operations for 5 ½ years.

She earned an M.S. in chemistry in 1991 from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry (electrochemistry) in 1995 from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Jeevarajan worked for a small business in College Station, Texas, for a year immediately after completion of her graduate work. She subsequently worked for a year as a postdoctoral fellow at Texas A&M University on NASA projects.

She has written three book chapters: one on battery safety that was published in 2009; a second on commercial lithium-ion cell safety, published in January 2014; and a third on the safety of lithium-ion batteries in commercial equipment, published in October 2018. Jeevarajan supported the Boeing 787 investigation as a member of a non-advocate review panel and as an advisory member to the Federal Aviation Administration. She also supported a National Transportation Safety Board informational forum on lithium-ion batteries. Jeevarajan has given more than 150 conference presentations and has won numerous NASA awards, the most noteworthy of these being the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and the NASA-NESC Engineering Excellence Award.

At Underwriters Laboratories, she was inducted into the UL William Henry Merrill Society as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 2016 and as a Corporate Fellow in 2021. She completed UL’s Global Leadership Program in 2016 and UL’s Executive Leadership Program in 2019. Jeevarajan received the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aerospace Power Systems award in August 2019 and the India Energy Storage Alliance Woman Leader of the Year 2020 – Energy Storage Systems award in November 2020.

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