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CEO of LearnKey Lithuania

She has been a consultant in e-learning projects for 20 years, created and tested content for over 1000 e-learning courses and educational games. Loreta has brought e-learning idea and know-how to Lithuania 18 years ago, establishing LearnKey Lithuania in Vilnius. The company now is a leader of quality e-learning content production and IT solutions such as Learning Management System services. LearnKey Lithuania helps create e-learning strategy, analyzes training material and creates the most effective e-learning tool for the customer. LearnKey Lithuania has produced over 1000 e-learning courses on various topics for children and grown-ups, such as Fire Safety, evacuation, first aid, educational games, soft skills trainings, equipment trainings, etc. LearnKey Lithuania provides full-service package – from an idea to delivery, analysis and measurement of learning process. LearnKey was a project partner in the BFireSafe@School project and is currently a project partner in the FAFSIT project. LearnKey has also developed a new e-learning tool called eClass for schools.

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